m o o n c r a b l o g

energies and holding space


today’s energies may or may not be hard and there’s solar space energies or something and also something about the world energies and you’ve got this and other inspirational phrases but hey you need to make a choice now to either get ready to evaporate into thin air and or light during waves and ascending or doing the work and holding space and also something about being more positive or something and hey who ordered the pizza

This holiday’s season


Dear loved ones, friends and family of loved ones, friends of those friends, loved ones of those friends, and loved ones of the friends and family of those other friends who are also friends or family of loved ones…

This holiday season, celebrate this holiday season by celebrating this holiday season with a friend, family, or loved one, or loved one of a friend family or loved one, or a friend who is family to a loved one, or a loved family who has friends, or some combo therein, by celebrating this holiday season!

thanks again and happy holiday.


Facebook Stalking: If you are reading this to get some insight into me but not responding, I accept you. To the 1-3 people who will respond, thanks in advance.

Bagel spritz

Q: How come when I scrape off the burned parts of toast/bagel products, pieces of crispy inedible gluten fly literally (not figuratively) everywhere… all over my sink and the backsplash (I like that word), onto the floor, in my hair, in my eye, into the carpet in the next room.. (I know right??)
I take the butter knife, I angle the bagel down INTO the sink, but still, burnt sprinkles, everywhere.
Thanks again!

a full moon crab happy new year and things like that!


may twenty seventeen be a way better year for us all ! ah, men.



I love pizza and I love fall, but I don’t love dropping my pizza on the floor, love. Thanks again!

Refrigerator bulb, love


Hi love. Did you know that when you close the fridge door, the light de-luminates? Ruminate. You see, when you open the door, it releases a switch that illuminates the fridge bulb, assuming it’s not burned out, love. So, in effect, your food sits in (cold) darkness most of the time. Crazy, right? It took me a bit to figure this out but once I did, I realized all the implications. Ones and zeros, love. Well, loves, that’s about it for now. Thanks again, love. Sweet dreams!

Ours is not to yada, but to instead yada


Ok? Thanks again.

They won the ball match and I couldn’t be happier (except for the losing team, which makes me sorta sad)


But that is the way it goes, especially in pro sports, where a lot is riding on the game, especially money. But man, what a ride it was! The fans, the ads, the food, the cars, the women, the rush of it all. It reminds me of going to an amusement park and so long as your favorite ride is open and you get to ride it as many times as you want, all is good. But if it is closed or the lines are too long, it just isn’t worth it. Here, have an over-fried sugary funnel cake and some syrupy coke product to wash it down with. Let’s go home now, I’m tired. Can you carry me to the car and wake me in the morning when it’s all over? Thanks again. Go team.

You ever ski laco taco?


I ski laco taco, every year man and is it ever ridiculous: creamy highs, delicious lows, and those mounds of medium, right there in the center. Ef an a bra. Thanks again.