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Halloween parties are happening all the time now


I was a dressed up as a halloween costume for halloween once. I wore it the whole night and got lots of compliments! People were like “oh my gosh you guys, that is so cool,” and things like that. Also, they had a really cool setup there (at this party I went to). There was a live dj who played music for us and a bar with like beer and wine and stuff, and we danced all night, I’m telling you, it was totally off the hook for halloween! It reminds me of other parties that we went to, except this was for halloween and everyone dressed up, and at other parties you don’t do that as much. Do you know what I mean. Like seriously tho, halloween parties happen on weekends a lot around halloween now. Growing up I don’t remember it but also I was younger and we probably wouldn’t’ve gone to adult parties. Maybe my parents and their friends did, I don’t know. I can check with them if you want.

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