m o o n c r a b l o g

Bagel spritz

Q: How come when I scrape off the burned parts of toast/bagel products, pieces of crispy inedible gluten fly literally (not figuratively) everywhere… all over my sink and the backsplash (I like that word), onto the floor, in my hair, in my eye, into the carpet in the next room.. (I know right??)
I take the butter knife, I angle the bagel down INTO the sink, but still, burnt sprinkles, everywhere.
Thanks again!



I love pizza and I love fall, but I don’t love dropping my pizza on the floor, love. Thanks again!

Crab cakes sure taste good going down and GNR


But they have actual crab in them (not good) and are really high in calories (also prob not good). So, before you order, think of how cute crabs are, and if that doesn’t work, think of all the mercury and other poison and trash in the ocean. Thanks again and oh btw, happy November! Which reminds me, Isn’t November Rain that cheesy GNR song?

Were they trying to get out of a record contract with that massive double album? Sheesh, it was really bloated and gassy. Thanks again.