m o o n c r a b l o g

Brown bag baby


Today’s topic is branding and I’ll hopefully keep it brief. But don’t let my brevity fool you, we are a marketing company and our products don’t sell themselves. Sure, no one wants to see ads, especially then they are just trying to get to a shakira playlist. But that was then and this is how. And that is why I invited you to this brown bag lunch: to provide you with a slim, mostly tasteless lunch along with some side items including generic mayonnaise and a mint candy or two (if your coworker does not want his or hers). Also to let you all know that we are releasing new products soon and you all are fired.┬áNow finish up your sandwich (quickly please) and then leave. Actually, please just leave, quickly. There is a bus outside that will take you to your car. Check our job boards for future opportunities. HR has something for you to fill out (the only reason we have HR I think?). Anyways. Thanks again.