present following is an example taken from this month's story about picking apples with his grandson... ";son, when you pick apples, it is a good ideas to be very present with it all. the natures, the sea, this ships. let it all come into you, son. son, you gotta watch for not doing things with it cause it will get you all bundled up like what happened to ole what's his face, you know - down there in the lake yard. he wasn't paying attention to apples and it got him fired. now, of course, it got him a better job afterall. but that is besides the points. well, actually, neverminds for that one.. take picking bananas for examples, son, that is an easy-man's works, not like this bullshit here. ok, take care, glad we had this talking."; thanks for being a part of mooncrab's favorite component - the team! there is no ";I"; in team folks!